About hadhufang

First, I am a little bit crazy.  Second, I misspelled the name of Arwen’s sword because the correct spelling is “reserved” and I wanted the name–I like swords.   My patron saint is Jeanne d’Arc and I like to shoot sharp shiny things into haybales.  (Arrows.  Archery.)  I shoot a 40 lb draw white oak and bamboo  traditional longbow made by a Cherokee craftsman from Arkansas.  I want to upgrade to a 50, but I can’t locate the bowsmith anymore. *sigh*

I took the photo in my header at a place called Ma Mean (pron. maw-main) in Western Ireland.  It’s the place where the Englishman Patrick looked over the area of Connemara, blessed it, and turned away.   The white tree is the northern hawthorn, otherwise known as the May tree for when it blooms.  So you are  looking at a bunch of Mayflowers.  As in the boat.  It had to be named for something, after all. 

I’m a theologian who thinks most professional theologians are way too pompous and try way too hard to wring all the fun out of it.  I’m a preacher who thinks that being preachy is a detriment to the profession.  I’m a student who teaches and a teacher who studies.  I study and learn about and practice in several religious traditions; I’m a follower of the teachings of Jesus, and I’m pretty sure that’s not compatible with the term “Christian.”

And I want the world to be better than it is, and I want people to live up to their potentials, not down to them.  I also want to be able to eat all the milk chocolate I want and gain no weight, but one impossible task at a time, you know?


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